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"Just want to express our huge thanks for all you do at Hearts Academy. Our lives in the (PRIVATE) household have become soooo much less stressed since(PRIVATE) has started at Hearts. He has taken on so much more responsibility for his work. His whole outlook on academics has changed. He has more self confidence and is overall happier....therefore easier to get along with! Lol! We are so comforted to know that he is in a school that teaches academics in light of God's view not the worldview. And since (PRIVATE) has started Math tutoring with Ashley Hammond he has grown to like Math...not feel defeated each time he opens his book. He has said many times that he wants to finish his schooling out at Hearts and we are so thankful to have this as a resource so close to us. We so hope that as time goes on that he will get more involved in some activities there and build friendships with his peers there that will continue throughout his adulthood. Thank you Kealei for your obedience to the Spirit's urging to develop Hearts Academy. It has been a blessing to us."

-Middle School Parent

"It makes my heart swell to hear my son read. When he left public school he was in 4th grade and on a 2nd grade reading level. I would get a call from school 2 up to 4 times a week being sick. Now he is starting to enjoy school and enjoys learning. He is reading SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you Hearts for helping my son grow and learn."  


-4th grade Mom

"Our daughter enjoys Hearts Academy. Besides academics, there are many activities to participate in including plays, yearbook, art, volleyball, dances, etc. She's always talking about Chapel and the inspirational messages."

-Parents of Senior

"I just wanted to thank you ladies for a wonderful school year and for making our first year of homeschooling a wonderful experience!! I was a bit nervous about homeschooling but I appreciate the guidance we received and the structure of your program. It is my prayer that our son "J" will continue to come to Hearts of Excellence Academy next year. What you are doing is excellent and again we thank you so much for all your help!! Hope you all have an excellent summer!!"

-Parents of a rising second grader

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