General Senior & Grad Ceremony Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use above high school CEEB code Number and TRINITY CENTER AS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL NAME FOR FAFSA, SAT/ACT REGISTRATION; AND COLLEGE APPLICATIONS;  TRINITY CENTER, 4010 Fambrough Drive, Powder Springs, Cobb County, Georgia  30127

***IF SCHOOL NAME does not show; click on ADD school and then enter above name and address.

Preliminary (9th-11th grade) courses and grades are sent to Georgia Student Finance Commission by Mid-February.  Preliminary CORE GPA eligibility for HOPE Scholarship will be calculated by the Georgia Student Finance Commission and should be received by Trinity Center by March. 

FINAL Eligibility will be verified the end of June in which courses and grades from 12th Grade year will be calculated in.

***Go to  (HOPE & State Aid Programs/Pell Grant) Students have 2 options when applying for the HOPE Scholarship: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR Complete the online Georgia Student Finance Application (GSFAPPS) OR printable paper GSFAPPS application. NOTE: The FAFSA must be completed each year.  Go ahead and begin these financial applications in 12th Grade Year, even if you haven’t applied for college.

        Most college final application and document deadlines for the Fall are April 15th. Some are as early as January and March. Check the college of your choice for application deadlines.

       Go ahead and apply to all colleges of interest.  Then e-mail Trinity Center requesting official transcript to be sent to colleges applied for; List the colleges in the e-mail request.  ALLOW 4 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS. 

Every year there is preparation for a Formal Graduation Ceremony for the Senior Graduating Class from Trinity Center for Independent Study. I need to know if you and your student are planning on participating in the Graduation Ceremonies.

Ceremony Date: Saturday, June 6th, 2020

Ceremony Time: 4:00 PM (Seniors Arrive by 3:15 PM)

Location:   4665 Macland Road, Powder Springs, Georgia 30127

(ROOM is provided for Seniors to MEET AND PUT ON CAPS AND GOWNS)


***PLEASE reply by E-mail to to let me know if you will or will NOT be participating in graduation ceremony.

Total Fee for Graduation Ceremony: $TBA   Plus $10.00 DBL HONOR Cord; if notified that Student met honor eligibility.

Total Fee is broken down as follows:
Graduation Fee:            $60.00 (To cover church, sound, programs, etc.)
Cap & Gown w/ tassel:  $TBA  (Navy and Gold)

***This amount would be due on or before April 15th, 2020  along with Student’s height so that caps and gowns can be ordered and received.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AND NAME CARDS (Available for order by April)
TRINITY CENTER has had special Graduation Announcements and Thank-You Cards made with School Emblem. Trinity Center paid for the creation of the emblem and the design of the announcements, name cards, and thank-you cards. Announcements, Name Cards, and Thank-you notes, if desired, can be ORDER DIRECTLY from the publisher, by you individually. Go To view 2020 products:

Then when you click ORDER NOW; it will take you to the Order Site.  Click on items desired. 

**On this page the 2019 isn't showing, but items viewed on the Gemsgrads site are the items being ordered.

(Contact Gwen at / 770-693-9993)
Gwen has verified announcement information with Trinity Center, but will verify Senior Name for Name Cards directly with you.

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