General Senior Information


IMPORTANT NOTE: Use high school CEEB code Number 112439 and TRINITY CENTER AS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL NAME FOR FAFSA, SAT/ACT REGISTRATION; JOB APPLICATIONS, COLLEGE APPLICATIONS, ETC;  IF name does not show up in list in FAFSA or college applications; there is an add school link; follow that link and add TRINITY CENTER, 4010 Fambrough Drive, Powder Springs, Cobb County, Georgia 30127

1) Be sure and take SAT or ACT before April so scores are received before graduation for annual national standardized testing and college acceptance deadlines.  Note; when registering for the SAT or ACT, you can send scores to 4 colleges for free; after testing, then there is a fee to send scores.

2) Go to (HOPE & State Aid Programs/Pell Grant) Students have 2 options when applying for the HOPE Scholarship: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR Complete the online Georgia Student Finance Application (GSFAPPS) OR printable paper GSFAPPS application. NOTE: The FAFSA must be completed EACH year. You should begin these applications in 12th Grade Year, even if you haven’t applied for college.

3) Most college final application and document deadlines for the FALL are the beginning of MAY. Some are as early as January and March.

Check the college of your choice for application deadlines. Go ahead and apply to all colleges of interest. Then e-mail Trinity Center requesting official transcript to be sent to colleges applied for; List the colleges in the e-mail request.


***COUNSELOR RECOMMENDATIONS - TRINITY CENTER Darlene Lee as Director/High School Counselor will complete ACADEMIC Counselor Recommendations needed; not personal recommendations.


***TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS-----All Preliminary and Final Transcripts now and in the future MUST be requested in writing. Email: and request that transcript be sent to (SCHOOL): If out of state school, include name of school and mailing address. You will receive an email when transcript has been processed and sent. For GEORGIA schools; transcripts are sent thru the Ga Student Finance Official Electronic Transcript Exchange Program

***When requesting a transcript, be aware of DEADLINES, and ALLOW 5 to 7 business days for processing and sending. --

FINAL Transcript is available after Graduation Date.

--IF DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES WERE TAKEN, be sure and request from DE College that College Transcript Transcript be sent to the College Applying to….

***GPA Weighting and Ranking : Due to the individualized nature of independent study, and the resulting irrelevance of comparing GPAs, Trinity Center DOES NOT RANK its students and does not provide any comparative GPA data for a given class of students. SO when asked on applications; just put, NO as to ranking question or high school DOES NOT rank. Also GPA's and GRADES are UNWEIGHTED since ranking is not done. The GPA given is the Verified True HOPE GPA as given by Georgia Student Finance Commission. Some colleges might weight GPAs with their own process; but that is up to each college in their receiving process. SO if asked if high school weights grades or GPA; it is no, GPA and GRADES ARE NOT WEIGHTED. Determination of the status of graduating seniors for the purpose of identifying a Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be handled in the following manner: The students’ GPAs will be compared to identify the highest GPA. Georgia Student Finance Actual Verified GPA figures will take precedence. All grades must be submitted prior to graduation. Incomplete grades will not be considered. In the event of a tie for the highest GPA, the following factors will be considered in the following order: *rigor of the course load completed by the students *total cumulative numerical grade average Announcement of Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be announced to the individual ONLY; and isn’t verified until Final Grades are entered and Final GPA Verified. Valedictorian and Salutatorian is NOT announced at final ceremony presentations due to the individualized nature of independent school. Names for the Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be submitted to Georgia Student Finance for the use of Zell Scholarship eligibility so that financial departments of colleges can see from their system.

***PRELIMINARY & FINAL HOPE ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: Preliminary (9th-11th grade) courses and grades are sent to Georgia Student Finance Commission by Mid-February. Preliminary CORE GPA eligibility for HOPE Scholarship will be calculated by the Georgia Student Finance Commission and should be received by Trinity Center by March. You will receive an email of your Eligibility Status. FINAL Eligibility status notification will be emailed in June and will be submitted by the end of June to GSFC .

--Students with high school CORE GPA OF 3.0 and 4 Rigor Courses will be eligible for HOPE Scholarship

--Student with high school CORE GPA of 3.7 and 4 Rigor Courses And score on single testing of 26 Composite ACT Score or 1200 SAT Score (Reading & Math Combined) will be eligible for ZELL Miller Scholarship.