Our 2021-2022 Enrollment is open now! Please click Apply below if you are new family. If you are returning please find returning family on the admissions tab.  If you want to inquire about our program please click inquire.

Our enrollment process is set up to help get your child registered as quick and easy as possible. CLICK HERE for more information about the steps of enrollment.



Hearts Homeschool Hybrid program is set up to help our homeschool families in the community to succeed in their homeschooling journey. We offer 2-day a week courses to help equip your student. Read more HERE

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Hearts also provide's the homeschool 

Community with special events, could include dances, field trips, homeschool help and etc. This is not limited to our students but the whole homeschool community. 

Upcoming Events 


Kids Playing Tug of War

Are we accredited? What are your fees? Do you have tutoring? 

We answer all of these questions in a our frequently asked questions page located HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

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