Registration Process for Trinity Center for High School Students

Trinity Center, Attn: Darlene Lee, 4010 Fambrough Drive, Powder Springs, Georgia 30127 
Email Address:
Office #770-445-1860

PAYMENT ACCEPTED: Cash or Check payable to Trinity Center.



**Previous Student Registration Form/Agreement and full Non-Refundable $350.00 Annual Accreditation Fee is required each school year to remain in continued enrollment with Trinity Center due on or before September 1st of each school year.

COMPLETE Previous Student Registration Form and Parent Agreement and submit with Yearly Non-Refundable Accreditation Fee of $350.00 for new School Year on or before September 1st of each year to Trinity Center.

(Payment Option: Accreditation Fee can be paid in two payments with 1st accreditation payment of $175.00 being due on or before Sept. 1st and 2d accreditation payment of $175.00 being due on or before February 1st.)

FOR PREVIOUS STUDENTS ONLY: Summer Accreditation Fee $50.00. If registering for summer accreditation, please be sure and notify Trinity Center. With Summer Accreditation, school year begins JUNE 1ST and annual accreditation fee of $350.00 is due on or before June 1st along with $50.00 Summer Accreditation Fee.

(Payment Option: Accreditation Fee can be paid in two payments with 1st accreditation payment of $175.00 being due on or before JUNE 1ST, and 2d accreditation payment of $175.00 being due on or before February 1st.)



**Email: with name and phone number for New Student Registration Form and Trinity Center Parent

Agreement and New Student Fee Agreement and further information on accreditation and/or consultation, if necessary.

(REGISTRATION ends Sept. 1st each year for 1st Semester and February 1st for 2d Semester)

After reviewing, completing, and signing of required New Student Registration Form, Parent Agreement, and New Student Fee Agreement, MAIL Along with payment of Required Registration Fee

    **The Director will then make contact to follow-up with additional information and documentation.


There is a One-Time, Non-Refundable Registration Fee in the amount of $75.00 for 9th, $125.00 for 10th, and $175.00 for 11th due upon registration on or before Sept. 1st

PLUS the Yearly Non-Refundable Accreditation Fee per student of $350.00 due on or before Sept. 1st.

***New students allowed by Trinity Center to enroll 2d semester of the school year pay one-time, non-refundable Registration Fee required and full non-refundable Accreditation Fee of $350.00 per student upon registration.

***Accreditation Fee DOES NOT include Fees for Private Tutors, Tutorial/Online Classes or Curriculum used for classes or in independent study courses.

***If entering from accredited school or program, official transcript must be provided to Trinity Center for transfer of credits.

***OPTION: If entering accredited program of Trinity Center WITHOUT Official Accredited Transcript,

Previous Course fee of $300.00 per previous year and Course Completion Form with attached Tutor and/or Independent Semester Grade Reports along with Declaration and Attendance for previous years are required to transcript courses from previous years and is due on or before April 1st of enrolled school year with Trinity Center.

      NOTE: The Student MUST be enrolled and under the supervision of Trinity Center for ONE complete year-2 consecutive semesters- before this OPTION can be exercised.

***If entering WITHOUT Official Accredited Transcript, 11th Grade is the last year a Student can enroll with Trinity Center.

**Trinity Center CANNOT accept students entering 12th grade without official high school transcript.

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