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Hearts Academy of Excellence
coding courses!


Today’s world is moving fast, and that speed is powered by technology. There are so many areas to consider when thinking about “technology”, and it can be overwhelming. But there is one common denominator; any program - ever - that is running, is a code running that someone had to write. That’s where we want to start, at the code. Hearts Academy of Excellence will be offering coding courses again this year, for 4th – 12th grade. Think of “code” as language. There are numerous computer languages available, and we will be learning Python in this course.

This will be a fun and exciting class. The beginning will start with basic Python, understanding and learning syntax and proper coding ethics. As the students age and progress, it will move to more intense projects and theory. They will see in real time the effects of their code. From the first lesson they will be making the computer come to life through coding.


  In the first year of coding, the students will learn Python syntax, proper application of code, and coding ethics. There will be several class projects including small games and apps that the students will code themselves. The course will involve note taking and homework, as repetition is important for growth. After the first year, the student will be able to understand nearly every other coding language, as the principles and execution of code is similar across languages.

  In the second year of coding, the students will take a deep dive into coding by creating a full game from scratch. This game will have character progression, inventory, crafting, mining, story line, quests, AI, and best of all -- it will be Bible based with Bible lessons sprinkled into the gameplay. This course will strengthen the student's knowledge and confidence. Notes and homework will be vital to passing this class.

  Elementary students who took coding last year did block coding. This year those students should start in the first year of coding, "Intro to Coding". The middle/high school students who took regular coding last year will start in the second year of coding this year.

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