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Hearts Academy of Excellence is now offering
coding courses!

Today’s world is moving fast, and that speed is powered by technology. There are so many areas to consider when thinking about “technology”, and it can be overwhelming. But there is one common denominator; any program - ever - that is running, is a code running that someone had to write. That’s where we want to start, at the code. Hearts Academy of Excellence will be offering coding courses beginning next year, for 3rd – 12th grade. Think of “code” as language. There are numerous computer languages available, and we will be learning a few of them throughout this course.

This will be a fun and exciting class. The beginning will start with “block-coding”. As the students age and progress, it will move to traditional “text-type” coding. The block-coding is very important for young beginners, as their typing skills and capacity to remember the library of things to type is not where it would need to be. So, block coding is very friendly to young learners, and they connect like Lego pieces. In block-coding, the pieces will be snapped together to make the code complete, but they must be in the proper sequence and they must also complete the given objective. They are also learning proper syntax, verbiage, and logic behind coding. They will see in real time the effects of their code. From the first lesson they will be making the computer come to life and make a character do what they are telling it to do through coding. 

At this early stage, the students will be utilizing "block" style coding, but they will be learning proper syntax and "text" (normal) language simultaneously so when they transfer into "text" coding, it will be a smooth transition.
The students will learn Java language to start with, and JavaScript will come soon after. Basic Python will be introduced before the student reaches 5th grade.

There will be projects and opportunities to complete extra projects for contests and other things.


This stage will still have some "block" coding, but only at the very early stages.

This class will move at a faster pace than the younger students. The students will transfer from "block" to "text" much sooner. Java and basic Python will still be taught early on. 

There will be projects and opportunities to complete extra projects for contests and other things.


The high school age students will start with "text" coding. This course will begin with some Java, but very quickly into JavaScript and some basic Python. 
Students will also learn CSS and HTML. CSS and HTML with JavaScript are the backbone of nearly every website you go to.

Depending on the progression of the students, other languages may be introduced, including Swift, Kotlin, C#, and C++. These are other languages that utilize the same principles, just in a different written "language". 

Everything in the courses are in-demand in the workforce, and can prepare for entry level positions or college prep.
STEM projects are included.

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