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Fine Arts


Jessica Wilcox
Dunamis Starr
Chaney Billips

The study of Fine Arts is an exciting and integral part of student life at Hearts Academy. Our extensive program includes studies in music, theatre, and visual arts with opportunities for students in all grades to explore various aspects of the fine arts curriculum. We seek to instill in our students an appreciation of the arts and the desire to use their gifts all for the glory of God. Hearts Academy fine arts education celebrates the unique God-given talents of our students and supports the mission of our school by training the next generation of artists to live Christ-centered lives while excelling in their chosen discipline.

The Fine Arts strategy at Hearts Academy embraces a simple three-step process:

  • Expose our students to various styles, techniques, and genres within each discipline.

  • Equip our students with information, tools, and training necessary to expand their abilities.

  • Empower our students to showcase their developing skills and talents by honoring God through a variety of performance and presentation opportunities.



The art education program at Hearts Academy strives to expose students in grades K-12 to the wealth of creativity that exists in the world of art. Students will be introduced to artists, both past and present, that will inspire them to find their own unique style. Many types of styles will be studied and explored with hands-on activities that will be created with various media including watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, pencil, pastels, collage, and more.

Students will also learn valuable life skills and expand their understanding and appreciation of the world that God gave us and learn to express themselves in a Godly and creative way.


The choirs at Hearts Academy explore a variety of musical genres while promoting technique and music reading skills. From grade K-12 students are encouraged to use their God-given gift of singing in service to the school and community through concerts, programs, chapels, church services, and other service opportunities.

Middle School Choral Classes teach student’s about sound production, notation, sight-singing, proper vocal technique and introduces part singing.

High School choir continues training while focusing on the changing voice and adds the component of more intricate part singing. Students also learn composition techniques and may Audition for a smaller ensemble which further encourages multi-part singing with close harmony.


At Hearts Academy theater students develop an extensive knowledge of theater history, acting, directing, play-writing, improvisation, technical directing, and stage management in a hands on learning environment that allows them an outlet to glorify God while preparing them to impact the culture of Christ.

Elementary School Theater

Each fall elementary school students  will learn the basic’s of the stage, acting, productions, and directing in a fun-loving way as they prepare for monologues, skits, and musical performances. During the spring they will apply what they’ve learned into a school wide production (see Music Theater).

Middle & High School Theater

During the Fall students will developed more advanced skills and knowledge while exploring play-writing, improvisation and management as well as acting as they prepare for performances.

K-12 Music Theater

This 2 hour course introduces the style of modern musical theater. Musical Theater will encompass the magic of theater as it covers production, staging, chorus and dance.

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