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COVID-19 Safety Measures for Hearts Academy

The health and safety of Hearts Academy of Excellence students is always of utmost importance to us. We also believe that it is incredibly important for the emotional well-being of our students to be taken into consideration. Academically, for some children, a tutor and classroom is much more conducive to learning than a virtual classroom or on-line learning. For this reason, we are making every attempt to open safely in August to resume classes. Below are some of the precautions we will be attempting to implement.

  • Temperatures will be taken at the door of all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers. Anyone entering the building will have their temperature taken.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4(per CDC) or above will not be permitted in the building.

  • We ask that anyone that has knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 not enter the building or send any family member in the building. Please stay at home if you have any symptoms or any exposure to the virus. (See CDC guidelines for more details on when you may return).

  • Anyone with underlying health issues or that may have contact with a family member more at risk should not attend.

  • We are working on technology for many classes in which students that cannot attend in person will be able to join the class virtually. Tutoring for high school math will be available through zoom on alternate days. We are working diligently on our new SIS that will make homework drop, tutor communications, and distancing more convenient should it be needed.

  • Attendance will be taken in each classroom throughout each day.

  • Anyone that does not have purpose in the building will be asked to wait in their cars keeping numbers to a minimum.

  • Health and Hygiene practices will be taught and emphasized daily to encourage regular handwashing. Several hand sanitizing dispensers will be set up in classrooms and hallways.

  • Classrooms will be set up in larger areas to maintain safe social distance. Desks will face the front so students are not facing each other.

  • We will try to arrange classroom assignments so that only tutors travel from one classroom to another instead of the students switching classrooms, seats, etc. Desks will be cleaned between classes. It is impossible to never have any student change classrooms due to varying schedules but we will keep the travel of students from classroom to classroom as minimal as possible.

  • Students should not share materials but should bring their own materials, keeping them in their own area or backpack at all times.

  • Face masks will not be required but may be used if desired. (it is our belief that masks will impede the tutors’ ability to teach and communicate effectively and that students wearing masks will be touching their face and their mask more often which is also problematic in preventing the spread of disease.)

  • Lunch Hour – As necessary, students will not gather together but will eat in their classrooms and sit with their classes for chapel.

  • Students will remain in their classrooms during carpool to avoid congested hallways.


  • Sanitation of building will increase by the following:

Restrooms cleaned several times throughout the day
Doorhandles, knobs, and frequently touched surfaces cleaned several times a day.
Filters for ventilation systems cleaned frequently.
Table Surfaces wiped down between classroom changes.
While we will do our best to but the above practice into effect, it will take student and parent cooperation. We also wish to keep in mind that students attend Hearts for the community and social interaction as well as academic excellence. As soon as it is deemed safe and reasonable, we will allow students to interact more freely between classes, over the lunch hour, and during carpool. We are prayerful that this could happen as early as that start of school.

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