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About the Course


Course Description:

Writing & Grammar 9 emphasizes grammar skills, beginning with sentence patterns and going on

to the eight parts of speech, phrases, and clauses. It reviews spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. In the 2nd semester, students will learn to critically analyze works of literature to discover the theme of the work as emphasized in Themes of Literature. This compilation includes selections from classic works such as Hamlet, Up From Slavery, Wind in the Willows, Great Expectations, and many more. These selections greatly emphasize 11 themes, some of which include humility, justice, faith, and love; and your child will learn to recognize the thematic elements within the work. Vocabulary words, introductions to selections, and comprehension questions will encourage your child to read with speed and accuracy and apply the character-building traits to his life. Wordly Wise 9 teaches students academic words most likely to appear in reading and assessments. It offers differentiated reading passages, practice activities, and assessments to help students learn and apply vocabulary words.


BJU Writing & Grammar 9 (3rd Edition) ; Abeka Themes in Literature (4th Edition); Wordly Wise 9


BJU, Abeka & Wordly Wise

Required Reading:

Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare

In His Steps – Charles Sheldon

The Princess Bride





Grade Breakdowns:

Classwork/Homework 30%

Tests 25%

Quizzes 15%

Midterm/Final Exam 30%

Grading Scale:

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

0-69 F

Your Instructor

Patty Datillo

Patty Datillo
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