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About the Course

U.S. Elections

Course Description:

This half-semester course will aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. electoral system, its history, and the significance of their participation as citizens.

Course Objectives:

Understanding the Electoral Process: Explain the steps involved in U.S. elections, including primary elections, general elections, and the electoral college.

Roles and Responsibilities: Describe the roles and responsibilities of elected officials at various levels of government, from local to federal.

Voter Participation: Highlight the importance of voter participation and the processes involved in registering to vote and casting a ballot.

History of U.S. Elections: Provide an overview of the history of elections in the United States, including significant changes and historical milestones.

Political Parties: Introduce the major political parties in the U.S. and explain their roles in the election process.

Campaigns and Debates: Discuss the role of political campaigns, debates, and media in the election process.

Issues and Policies: Encourage students to explore and understand key issues and policies that influence elections and voter decisions.

Critical Thinking: Develop students' ability to critically evaluate information about candidates, campaigns, and political issues.

Civic Responsibility: Foster a sense of civic responsibility and the importance of being an informed and active participant in the democratic process.


Complete the 7th grade

Materials Needed:



Copyright Year: 2019

Grade Level: 8th

Publisher: InquisiKids

Other Materials:


Colored pencils


Personal stapler (small is fine) with staples

Notebook paper

One subject notebook


Your Instructor

Joshua Bolding

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