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About the Course

Foundation Of Freedom: A Study Of The United States Constitution

Course Description:

This course provides a detailed examination of the U.S. Constitution, its historical context, and its ongoing impact on American governance and society. It is often used in educational settings to help students understand the foundational principles of the United States government.

Course Objective:

Historical Context: Explain the historical background and events leading to the drafting and ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

Foundational Principles: Explore the foundational principles of the Constitution, such as separation of powers, checks and balances, federalism, and individual rights.

Structure of Government: Describe the structure and functions of the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) as outlined in the Constitution.

Constitutional Amendments: Study the process of amending the Constitution and review significant amendments, including the Bill of Rights and subsequent changes.

Interpretation and Application: Discuss how the Constitution has been interpreted and applied over time by the Supreme Court and other branches of government.

Civic Understanding: Foster a deeper understanding of civic responsibilities and the role of citizens in a constitutional democracy.

Critical Analysis: Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing landmark Supreme Court cases and their impact on American law and society.

Contemporary Relevance: Examine how the principles and provisions of the Constitution continue to influence current events and issues in American society.

Rights and Liberties: Explore the constitutional protections of individual rights and liberties, and how they have been upheld or challenged throughout history.

Engaged Citizenship: Encourage students to become informed and engaged citizens who understand their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution.


Complete the 7th grade

Materials Needed:



Copyright Year: 2014


Grade Level: 8th

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press

Other Materials:


Notebook paper

One subject notebook


Your Instructor

Joshua Bolding

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