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About the Course


Course Description:

Intermediate Mathematics is written from a Christian perspective understanding that God is the Creator who made the world and the laws that govern it. Students will gain understanding of the orderliness of God’s creation and how to apply mathematical principles in everyday life.


Course Objectives:

A strong introduction to algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, graphing, and inequalities gives students the foundation needed for studies of higher mathematics. Flexible pacing options called Fast Facts can be used to introduce students to practical applications, alternate methods of working problems, or additional concepts related to curriculum content. Problems designed to exercise critical thinking skills throughout the student text.



Complete 7th grade level math


Materials Needed:

Textbook: Intermediate Mathematics Textbook

Author: Monica Percival, Jordan Lynch, Melissa Hendrickson

Copyright Year: 2019

Edition: 1st Edition

Grade Level: 8th

Publisher: Abeka


Other Materials:


Notebook paper

One subject notebook




Graphing paper

Your Instructor

Joshua Bolding

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