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Mystery Of History Volume 3

Course Description:

The Mystery of History Volume 3" has several key objectives designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Renaissance, Reformation, and the growth of nations from AD 1455 to 1707.

Course Objectives:

Chronological Understanding: Continue the chronological study of history, helping students see the progression of historical events from the end of the Middle Ages through the early modern period.

Integration of Biblical and Secular History: Integrate biblical events and themes with secular history, emphasizing the interconnectedness and influence of Christianity on historical developments.

Comprehensive Coverage: Cover significant events, figures, and developments in various regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas during the Renaissance and Reformation periods.

Cultural Awareness: Foster an appreciation and understanding of the cultural, artistic, scientific, and intellectual achievements of the Renaissance, as well as the religious and political changes of the Reformation.

Critical Thinking and Analysis: Encourage students to analyze historical events, their causes, and their impacts, developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Research and Presentation Skills: Develop students' research skills through various assignments and projects, promoting the ability to gather, synthesize, and present information effectively.

Interactive Learning: Engage students with interactive activities such as map work, timelines, and creative projects to reinforce learning and make history tangible and relatable.

Character Building: Highlight moral and ethical lessons from historical figures and events, promoting character development and moral reasoning.

Worldview Integration: Help students understand the historical development of different worldviews, including the impact of the Renaissance and Reformation on Western civilization and other cultures.

Historical Impact of Christianity: Emphasize the role of Christianity in shaping the modern world, including the spread of the Gospel, the influence of the Church, and the lives of key Christian figures during the Renaissance and Reformation.

These objectives aim to provide a well-rounded and engaging study of this pivotal period in history, integrating a Christian perspective with a broad understanding of global historical developments.


Complete the 6th grade

Materials Needed:

Textbook: The Mystery Of History Volume 3

Author: Linda Lacour Hobar

Copyright Year: 2009

Edition: 1st Edition

Grade Level: 7th

Publisher: Bright Ideas Press

Other Materials:


Notebook paper

One subject notebook


Your Instructor

Joshua Bolding

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