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About the Course


Course description:

Spelling 4 includes instruction about spelling patterns and roles, as well as the use of words in

context. Thirty-two weekly spelling lists introduce children to various syllable patterns, suffixes,

and prefixes. Mrs. Anderson wants to help your children recognize spelling patterns and apply

those skills to unknown words

Course objectives:

BJU Press' Spelling 4 is a curriculum designed for fourth-grade students to improve their

spelling and written communication skills. The curriculum encompasses various aspects such as

instruction on spelling patterns and rules, guidance on using words in context, 32 weekly spelling

lists, and exercises focusing on phonetic word sorting, word studies, proofreading, and dictionary

skills. Additionally, the curriculum includes short stories about Leo, Leah, Juan, and Natalia,

which help students learn how Christians can use spelling in their daily lives.

Pre Requirements:

Students should have completed Read, Write, & Spell 3rd grade

Materials Needed:

● Author - BJU

● Copyright Year - 2019

● Edition - 2nd ed.

● Grade Level - 4th

● Publisher - BJU

● Pencils

● Folder

Your Instructor

Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson
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