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About the Course


Course description:

The Arithmetic 4 work-text will provide a comprehensive and engaging approach to arithmetic

for your student. The emphasis on practicing multiplication and division of 2-digit numbers,

estimating, and converting decimals to fractions is crucial for building a solid mathematical

foundation. Understanding square measures, simple geometry, and proper and improper fractions

adds depth to your student's mathematical knowledge. These concepts are essential for further

mathematical learning and application.

Course objectives:

Daily word problems, supplemental problems, and a handbook for terms and definitions in the

back of the book are excellent strategies for your students to retain the concepts being taught.

Word problems encourage critical thinking and the application of mathematical concepts in

real-life scenarios. Supplemental problems provide additional practice, reinforcing the learned

material, and the handbook serves as a valuable resource for quick reference and review. The

work text's colorful and visually appealing nature enhances engagement and makes the learning

experience enjoyable for your child. Such interactive and visually stimulating materials can help

maintain interest and motivation in arithmetic studies.

Pre Requirements:

Students should have completed Arithmetic 3

Materials Needed:

● Author - Judy Howe

● Copyright Year - 2015

● Edition - 4th ed.

● Grade Level - 4th

● Publisher - Abeka

● Pencils

● Folder

Your Instructor

Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson
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