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About the Course


Course description:

Students in Grade Level 3 will study ecosystems, life of plants, plant variety, matter, motion &

force, electricity, magnets, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, health, rocks & soils, earth's

surface, changes in the earth's surface, solar system, and stars & constellations.

Course objectives:

In Purposeful Design Science - Level 3 Student 2nd Edition, students learn by observing,

thinking about, and exploring the world around them. The series focuses on inquiry-based

learning and hands-on activities that aim to:

Engage students using hands-on activities

Develop critical thinking skills in students

Ensure that the challenge is appropriate for the grade level

Focus on science's language and processes

Utilize activities that capitalize on children's natural curiosity

Emphasize mastery before moving on to the next topic

Repeat concepts and topics from level to level, adding more depth at each pass

Pre Requirements:

Students should have completed Science 2

Materials Needed:

● Author - ACSI

● Copyright Year - 2014

● Edition - 2nd ed.

● Grade Level - 3rd

● Publisher - Purposeful Design

● Pencils

● Folder

Your Instructor

Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson

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