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About the Course


Course description:

Emphasizing the importance of hands-on practice and providing a well-rounded approach to

learning mathematics is what your student will experience with the Arithmetic 3 book. Your

student will be engaged with math through story problems, measurement conversions, fractions,

and brain boosters, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. Incorporating real-world

themes such as nocturnal animals traveling in the U.S., zoos worldwide, and space exploration

adds an exciting dimension to the learning experience. Connecting mathematical concepts to

everyday scenarios can enhance understanding and make the subject more relatable for young


Course objectives:

Mastery of multiplication and division at this stage lays a strong foundation for more advanced

mathematical concepts in the future. Encouraging regular practice, referencing study notes, and

including brain boosters to challenge students are excellent strategies for reinforcing the

material. Incorporating diverse topics like rounding and estimation, perimeter and area, graphs,

and geometric figures ensures a comprehensive coverage of fundamental mathematical skills.

This broad exposure prepares your student for the challenges of higher-level mathematics while

maintaining an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

Pre Requirements:

Students should have completed Arithmetic 2

Materials Needed:

● Author - Dawn Mereness, Kim Gowans, Judy Howe

● Copyright Year - 2018

● Edition - 6th ed.

● Grade Level - 3rd

● Publisher - Abeka

● Pencils

● Folder

Your Instructor

Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson

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