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About the Course


Course Description:

Spelling 2 is the next step in building your child’s spelling. Each

chapter in this workbook includes a list of pattern words with some

review words and memory words. A variety of exercises are given

throughout the week, including proofreading, and writing exercises,

rhyming words, proofreading skills, dictionary skills, sentence

completions, and alphabetical order activities; a final test is to be

given on Friday ag home with you.


Course objectives:

Students will learn how to do phonetic word sorting, word studies,

proofreading, dictionary skills, word histories, abbreviations,

syllable rules, and writing activities to strengthen your child's

spelling and communication skills.


You should be in the 2nd grade to take this class.

Homework Expectations:

Syllabus online for daily details. Homework grades are based only on

completion and details, not accuracy. Please make sure your child

understands each assignment when working with them at home.

Materials Needed:

Author – BJU Press

Edition – 2nd

Grade Level – 2

Publisher – Bob Jones Press

Crayola Markers

Glue sticks

Pack of notebook paper

Colored pencils

Pencils and pencil sharpener

Red pens


Dry erase markers

Composition notebook

Grading Scale:

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

69-... F

Your Instructor

Connie Thomas

Connie Thomas

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