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About the Course


Course Description:

English 2 will help the students gain purpose for learning grammar by

showing them how to become clear communicators. Our class

emphasizes traditional grammar, such as parts of speech, sentence

structure, and mechanics, and provides practice with essential

reference skills. Grammar and writing chapters alternate to give your

child opportunities to apply the grammatical concepts they learn.

Additionally, biblical worldview shaping helps students to understand

how good communication pleases God and can help spread the


Course objectives:

Students will focuses on understanding the subject and verb parts of

sentences and how to locate the subject and verb of a sentence,

along with identifying words, sentences, nouns, action verbs,

pronouns, adjectives, and writing skills. Writing, multiple choice, fill-

in-the-blank, editing, and other types of exercises are included,

helping students to apply their newfound skills in multiple ways.


You should be in the 2nd grade to take this class.

Homework Expectations:

Syllabus online for daily details. Homework grades are based only on

completion and details, not accuracy. Please make sure your child

understands each assignment when working with them at home.

Materials Needed:

Author – BJU Press

Edition – 3rd

Grade Level – 2

Publisher – Bob Jones Press

Crayola Markers

Glue sticks

Pack of notebook paper

Colored pencils

Pencils and pencil sharpener

Red pens


Dry erase markers

Grading Scale:

90-100 A 70-79 C

80-89 B -69 F

Your Instructor

Connie Thomas

Connie Thomas

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