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About the Course


Course description:

Discovering God’s World (4th ed.) The study of plants, animals, insects, energy, health, the seasons, and

the five senses.

Course objectives:

By understanding observable aspects of God’s creation, your child will develop a greater understanding

of how God, our creator designed our world and all the things inside of it. This will provide an excellent

introduction to science, will help further reading skills, and develop your child’s vocabulary.

Materials Needed:


24 pack of Crayons

1 bottle of glue

2 Glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 Primary composition book

Your Instructor

Jacquelyn Ford

Jacquelyn Ford

I feel it’s important to include activities for all different types of learners that allow my students to be up
and moving with a hands-on approach. My teaching methods include VAL (Video Assisted learning) to
improve comprehension and cognitive ability. Project based learning where students build on what they
know by asking questions, investigating, interacting with others, and reflecting on what they’ve learned
from instruction. I find those methods along with traditional teacher- centered instruction they have the
best opportunity to have fun while learning and retaining information.

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