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About the Course


Course description: 

Geometry (4th ed.) provides an incremental approach to proofs in various formats and systematically promotes the review and retention of algebraic skills with an introduction to trigonometry.

Course objectives:

It encourages the use of technology, including detailed instructions for the benefit of dynamic geometry software and the integration of STEM. Expanding real-world modeling within a biblical worldview promotes the practical application of geometry and biblical principles.

Pre Requirements:

Your student will need an understanding of Algebra 1.

Materials Needed:


Author - BJU Press

Copyright Year - 2018

Edition - 4th ed.

Grade Level - 10-11

Publisher - BJU Press

Other Materials:

5 Subject Notebook




Your Instructor

Joyce M. Jean-Louis

Joyce M. Jean-Louis

My name is Joyce M. Jean-Louis, and I am a proud mother of two boys named Emmanuel and Isaiah. I have a Master’s Degree in Human Services with a Cognate in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Interdisciplinary Studies, and Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education. My sons and I have had the opportunity to be a part of Hearts Academy for the last 19 years where I have had the privilege of tutoring some amazing students. I tutor a variety of classes such as Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Spanish 1 & 2, Health & P.E. When I am not tutoring, I am at the gym instructing at various gyms in the Atlanta area. I also work with youth in my local church. I truly believe I am blessed because I love what I do for a living, and I realize many individuals do not have that opportunity.

I believe in Vygotsky’s Socio-cultural Theory, which states “Children acquire ways of thinking and behaving that come from a community’s culture and from cooperative experiences with adults or more experienced peers.” I believe that it is the educator and parent’s responsibility to provide a safe, secure, and stimulating atmosphere in which children can learn. I also believe that parent-teacher involvement is critical to enhance any child’s academic abilities.

I believe that every child should be challenged in a positive way to stimulate its personality, attitudes, and skill development. I believe it is up to the educator as well as the parents to challenge these children in such a way that is educational, fun, and exciting for the child as well as the adults involved. I also believe that children should be a part of creating many of the teacher's lesson plans to provide children with the best relevant teaching materials and methods.

I believe that these children are our future, and we should not let them quit or give up on life because they face challenges or obstacles. We must teach them that it is through these challenges and struggles that they will become mighty men and women of America. I believe in inspiring and challenging children in every developmental area to build up excellent leaders of today.

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